Remarks by Ambassador Bass at the Atlantic Council Summit in Istanbul – November 20, 2014

Ambassador Bass at the Atlantic Council Summit in Istanbul

November 20, 2014


Orhan Taner, the Director of Atlantic Council, Energy and Economy Summit:  Ambassador floor is yours

Ambassador John Bass: (Turkish) Çok Teşekkürler Orhan Bey , Mr. President, Sayın Bakanım, Mr. Secretary, Ministers 

Hanımefendiler ve Beyefendiler, Good morning.

I am delighted to be here on behalf of the United States Embassy here in Turkey, to welcome you. We are pleased to once again support the Atlantic Council for their 6th Annual Energy and Economic Summit One of the central tenets of Energy Policy today is conservation and efficiency and I intend to personify that with my remarks this morning.

Given the challenging times we live in, the Atlantic Council’s dynamism, focus and advocacy, in my view, have never been more important. And given the centrality and the importance of all of the issues on the agenda for this conference, it is reflected I think in the breadth and depth of both the official US government participation in this conference in the form of many senior US government officials and I think equally in the even larger number of former US government officials who are represented here today.

We are delighted once again to welcome Secretary Moniz back to Turkey and we are honored that the Vice President Biden will be joining the conference on Saturday.

I also want to thank our Turkish friends and partners inside and outside government for their hospitality and their contribution not simply to the success of this conference, but to the success and vitality of our strategic partnership

So, on behalf of the US government,


(Turkish) Hosgeldiniz. 

And let me welcome back to the floor President Kempe.