Ambassador John Bass Visited ‪‎ITC‬ in Ankara – December 8, 2015

December 8, 2015

On December 8, Ambassador Bass visited the Ankara- Mamak ‬Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems Facility operated by the company Invest Trading and Consulting (ITC) to highlight U.S. leadership on climate change and underscore the importance of technologies in providing solutions to environmental problems. ITC owner Ali Kantur explained that his company has successfully transformed an unhealthy, old landfill unfit for urban development into an efficient facility producing energy, compost and cinder from old and new waste over the last ten years.

Kantur noted that he has understood for years that the key to sustainable development is green energy. Using tailor-made machinery developed through its in-house research and development team, the Mamak facility transforms 4500 tons per day of waste into synthetic gas and generates 25 MW of electricity. The Mamak plant and a second facility in the Ankara neighborhood of Sincan recycle process all of Ankara’s solid waste and supply 2.5% of the total electricity consumption in Ankara.

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