Ambassador Satterfield’s Statement on World Refugee Day

On the occasion of World Refugee Day, June 20, the United States Mission to Turkey would like to recognize the generosity of the Turkish people in its hosting of millions of refugees. The United States is proud to partner with Turkey on this issue through humanitarian assistance programs. 

We welcome efforts by Turkey to expand opportunities for refugees to thrive in and contribute to their host communities. Millions of people fled the tyranny of the murderous Bashar Asad regime in Syria, and the inhuman cruelty of the so-called Islamic State group. As a result, Turkey now hosts more refugees than any other nation, and has committed substantial national resources to this endeavor. 

We recognize the burdens placed on the Turkish people and communities hosting so many people and for such a long period of time. The United States continues to support international and nongovernmental organizations working to assist refugees within Turkey, as well as the communities and government institutions that meet their needs. We share Turkey’s interest in developing long-term, sustainable solutions for peace and stability that will allow refugees to return to their countries of origin in a safe, voluntary, and dignified manner. The United States has recently supported COVID-19 response efforts for refugees and host communities in Turkey.  This effort forms part of the nearly $1.4 billion in total U.S. assistance to Turkey over the past 20 years. 

U.S. humanitarian assistance to the world’s most vulnerable individuals remains a critical component of U.S. national security policy. I offer to the government and people of Turkey the deepest and heartfelt appreciation of the United States, for its unparalleled generosity and its ongoing commitment to ensuring human decency for refugees.