Art from Exile

Sürgünden Sanat

Syrian artists living in Turkey came together for an exhibit titled “Living,” unveiled and hosted by Holly Holzer Bass in the U.S. Ambassador’s residence in Ankara as part of the “Art in Exile” program. Displaying works of art by Syrian artists, the event attracted numerous art aficionados, cultural center directors, gallery owners and artists from Ankara. The exhibition was jointly organized by Arthere İstanbul, Pages Bookstore and Cafe, U.S. Embassy in Ankara and U.S. Consulate General in İstanbul.

Art from Exile, together with Arthere Istanbul, Pages Bookstore Cafe, the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey and U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, is honored to collaborate with seven amazing Syrian Artists in it’s first exhibition, Living. Th ese seven emerging artists speak through their art, and share their point of view. Imad Habbab explores the connection between identity and location. Houssam Alloum’s works represents the masks we wear, to hide the deformities and ugliness of war, while Hiba Aizouq looks to show how we manage our emotions and feelings. Painting women and men separately, Eyas Jaafar creates two pieces refl ecting how war tears families apart. Gulnar Hajo aims to keep us dreaming and hopeful, even during violence and destruction. And in hoping for some beauty to come from the bombs, Falak Al Ghazi uses smoke as her medium, bringing beauty from the ashes. Samer Al Kadri’s stark use of color draws us to his work, leaving us to contemplate both sadness and hope. In times of crisis and war, art is oft en seen as superfl uous, a luxury. Yet, it is times like these when we most need art and artists. Th ey give voice to the voiceless, tell a hidden story, shout out to break the silence and fear, nurture a culture, and create hope and beauty that help us heal. Th is is how cultures, civilizations and people can survive and fl ourish

Art from Exile provides exhibition opportunities for emerging artists forced to leave their homes due to war, confl ict, political violence, or persecution.