Art in Embassies Exhibition

The Chief of Mission Residence of the U.S. in Ankara welcomes guests to the Art in Embassies exhibition on its YouTube channel.

Diplomat Elizabeth Fritschle, the wife of the Ambassador, is telling you about the exhibition that covers the works of major American artists. The overarching theme of the exhibition is ‘transcendence’.

In the preface of the exhibition catalog, Ambassador Satterfield expresses his contentment with the exhibition and stresses the importance of the theme with the following words: “It is an honor and privilege to open our home and share these outstanding examples of art from the United States. The art of diplomacy requires transcending preconceptions, misunderstandings or rigid patterns of thinking – and ‘transcendence’ is the theme of this collection.”

The exhibition covers the works of the following artists: Benjamin Abramowitz, Christopher Baer, Lisa K. Blatt, Gary Robert Bowling, Rick Braveheart, Jacob Brown, Tom Fruin, Carla Goldberg, Susan Goldman, Ellen Hill, Barbara Januszkiewicz, Madalyn Marcus, Rachel Miller, Nancy Sausser, Frances Valesco, and Kay Walkingstick.

Ever since the establishment of the “Art in Embassies” program in 1963, every year the U.S. Department of State presents the art lovers with approximately 60 temporary and over 70 permanent exhibitions hosted by the U.S. Embassies in 189 countries. These exhibitions help not only to promote the works of the American artists to the world, but also to foster cross-cultural dialogue through the events held in the hosting countries.