Attention Chase Debit Card Users

The CHASE debit card program will be discontinued effective of 12/12/2014, and no payments will be credited to any CHASE card after this date. The cards will still be active and users will be able to withdraw or charge money until further notice. Chase will notify all their clients of the final deactivation date of the cards. After that date, any residual amounts of money on the account will be issued via a paper check to their clients. If you are currently receiving your SSA, OPM or VA benefits via a CHASE debit card, please be aware that SSA is planning to suspend benefits beginning with the 01/02/2015 payment.

If you do not want your benefits to be suspended, the following are the only available options:

1. Have your benefits deposited into a US Bank account, if possible. This is the preferred option, and we encourage you to explore this possibility in order to ensure a safer and uninterrupted service.

2. Apply for an International Direct Deposit (IDD). If you haven’t received the related letter from the U.S. Embassy or its Consulates, please email us at


  • SSA is actively working with Treasury Department on expanding the available payment options in your country, and will inform the Public as soon as they are made available.
  • OPM Beneficiaries will need to wait for the announcement to enroll in International Direct Deposit (IDD).