Barış Arslan – Governor’s Institute Alumni

Before I came to GIV, I was just thinking about going to the USA. Yet the day that I came to GIV was brilliant. The first reason I love GIV is that it was the first time that I had been out of Turkey. I know that I can speak English well but I’d never spoken with any foreign people. The second reason I love GIV is that you can find lots of people from lots of countries. Now I have friends from every country. I won’t be alone when I go to another country.

We had so much interesting evening activities like samba and barn dance. Also, now I’ve gone canoeing and done a ropes course. I also had great roommates, two Vermounters and an Israeli. We had so much fun together. I invited Esam – my Israeli rommate – to Turkey next summer. I hope that he will come.

The breakfasts were great. I think I woke up at 6 am to be the first one to go to breakfast. I also tried interesting Chinese food at the Farmer’s Market.

I can’t forget the magic show that I did at Open Mic Night. It was fantastic. Actually I was planning to sing but after I saw that lots of people were going to sing I decided to do something different.

The most embarassing moment of the program is when my, Rouri’s and Clinton’s canoes got off track. Si had to pull us to land with his rope. We laughed a lot at the canoe.

I was planning to continue studying in the USA after I finish college. I’m sure that I’ll find the friends that I have in GIV when I came back. I miss every second that I spent in GIV. I want to go back there someday. Maybe I’ll work as a staff member. They need an international staff I think. If they need any one I’ll volunteer! They can take me. They don’t need to pay me.

Thanks for everything GIV. I’m different now. I’ll come back one day.

Barış Arslan