Consul General Hunter’s Remarks at Peace Mosaic Inauguration, Beykoz Municipality

Consul General Hunter at Peace Mosaic Inauguration

Sayın Belediye Başkanı, Çok Sevgili Öğrenciler, Hanımefendiler, Beyefendiler.

Bu projenin gerceklestirilmesinden cok buyuk bir mutluluk duyuyorum.  Hepiniz hosgeldiniz.

It really is an honor for the U.S. Consulate General in Istanbul to be working with Beykoz Municipality on a project such as this. I’m very certain that this project is going to be extremely meaningful to many people for a very long time.  It will be meaningful not just for the students who created this beautiful work of art or for those of us who are watching it being inaugurated today, but as Laurel said for passersby and people who happen upon its beauty for many years to come. It is going to be meaningful for two reasons; one is the art form itself. No one here is a stranger to mosaics. This land is home to a thousands-year-old tradition of mosaic making. Seeing that tradition of art transform into something modern and beautiful and new is extremely meaningful.

It has been an honor to have Laurel True, one of the foremost mosaic makers in the world, with us and I want to thank her for consecrating the time that she did to help inspire this work. We also have to thank the students who made this work of art and all the others who collaborated in it. Ozgur Hanim, Suha Bey, and all who participated in making this possible, including the municipality and its mayor.

The other reason that it will be so meaningful is what Laurel was stressing – both the theme and the composition of this work, bringing together motifs that are familiar here and in the United States, and the bridge that Beykoz is physically home to, but that also is deeply symbolic.

I’d like to salute the municipality for taking this concrete step of welcoming peace through this mosaic and congratulate everyone who’s made it possible. I will recommend not only my colleagues in the Consulate, but also to other visitors that they make a point of coming to see this beautiful work.

Thank you again, elinize sağlık, tebrikler.