Domestic Violence Expert Mark Wynn | Ankara

Mark Wynn, a retired Nashville police officer and an expert on domestic violence was invited by the U.S. Embassy to participate in speaking events with women’s NGOs and federations, experts at municipalities , provincial directorates and the ministry of family and social policies, advisors at shelters and violence prevention and monitoring centers, lawyers, social service and health experts,  police officers, experts at TNP domestic crimes units and public order and crime investigation department, academics, local journalists and citizens in Ankara, Antalya, Istanbul and Adana.

Mark WynnThe Public Affairs section at the embassy organized this event in collaboration with the Police Academy, Women’s NGO, Municipalities and the Governor’s office. Mr. Wynn talked about violence against women; prevention and measures taken in the United States, combatting domestic violence, the role of men in preventing violence and his experiences and success stories at the police department. The aim of this program is to increase awareness of gender equality and provide U.S. best practices.

Mr. Wynn reached hundreds of people during the events. After the events Mr. Wynn spoke to individuals and established a network to touch base with them and provide information materials and resources. The audience was very pleased to get insights from the United States on domestic violence prevention methods, statistics and institutions as well as share their own experiences. Through this program millions were reached through TV, print and social media.