Alumni Corner

Read stories from educational exchange program participants:

Fulbright Program

Canan Dagdeviren – An Inspiring Story:  In an interview done with the Fulbright Newsletter, Dr. Canan Dagdeviren, 2009 Fulbright Doctorate Grant Alumnus, shares her journey starting from her childhood years to her award winning academic career in this inspiring story. If you or loved ones are considering applying to Fulbright Programs, we strongly recommend you to read the full interview. Read the story

Fulbright Alumni Nurhan Pınar Sürek shares her U.S. Exchange Experience: Between 2008 and 2010, Ms. Surek studied Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin through a Fulbright foreign student scholarship. Ms. Surek studied on mobile computing processes while in the U.S.  Read the story

SUSI Alumni

Study of the U.S Institute for Student Leaders Program: Fatma Sara Kara, a student of English language and literature at Ataturk University, participated in a five-week youth exchange program called Study of the U.S Institute for Student Leaders program on Social Entrepreneurship in 2012.  Read the story

USEP Alumni Association – Turkey

Turkey’s U.S. Exchange Programs Alumni Association Organizes Its First Event: Read the story

USEP Alumni Association held its General Assembly: Turkish alumni of U.S. Government-funded education and exchange programs gathered in Ankara for the first General Assembly of US Exchange Programs Alumni Association. Read the story

Legislative Fellowship Program

Legislative Fellowship Program 2013 Participant Baris Urhan Shares His Experience: In 2013, Mr. Barış Urhan participated in a six-week Legislative Fellowship Program in the USA. He first attended a one-week orientation program in Washington, and then worked for four weeks at the office of Congressman Jim McDermott, House of Representatives. Read the story

Hubert H. Humphrey Program

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows from Turkey shared her views about the program: Cisem Dincer participated in the U.S. Department of State’s Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program at Boston University, studying “finance” during 2011 and 2012 academic year.  Read the story

Turkish Armenian Summer Teaching Institute (TASTI)

Turkish Armenian Summer Teaching Institute (TASTI) participant talked about exchange program: English Teacher Servet Altan has been teaching English at different levels for six years at IDF, Bilkent Primary School, Ankara. He is one of the participants of TASTI (Tuskish Armenian Summer Teaching Institute) program that took place in Indiana University, Bloomington in U.S.A. Read the story

International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)

Ufuk Atalay International Visitor Leadership Program Alumni: Ufuk Atalay is the president of “Youth for Understanding, Turkey” and “Youth Development Association”. He participated in International Visitor Leadership Program on “Exploring Youth Policies and Expanding Opportunities for Young People” in 2011. Read the story

Turkish Alumnus Salih Yüce Shares with you his US Exchange Experience: Salih Yüce participated in the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in a three-week project on “Managing Migration and Diversity Issues in U.S. Society”. The program in the United States provided him invaluable experience for developing and supporting his advocacy and awareness projects in Turkey. Read the story

Yes Alumni Blogs and Photos

IEW: An Experience to Remember: International Education Week was indescribable! I had the best opportunities, met with lots of people and taught them lots of things!” Read the article by  Verda Genel, YES Alumni from Turkey. Read the story

Coming Out of my Shell: Read Asli Hercihan’s story who hosted by AFS in Brodhead, WI.  Read the story

YES Turkish Students Share Their Experiences: 52 students from Turkey between the ages of 15 and 18 went to the States for a year to participate to the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange Program.  Read the story

YES Program Exchange Student: Read Benay’s Blog – My YES exchange year was the most unforgettable time of my life. When I go back to my country, I will take with me my independent living skills, pretty good English, my own trust in myself, a new culture, and lots of good memories… Read the story

AFS-YES Program Exchange Student: Read Mert’s Blog – Hi everybody! My name is Mert Ilter and I am from Turkey. Last summer I won the YES scholarship and this whole thing completely changed my life… Read the story

Governor’s Institute Alumni Blogs and Photos

Governor’s Institute Alumni – Barış Arslan:  Read Barış’s Blog – We had so much interesting evening activities like samba and barn dance. Also, now I’ve gone canoeing and done a ropes course. I also had great roommates, two Vermounters and an Israeli. We had so much fun together. I invited Esam – my Israeli rommate – to Turkey next summer. I hope that he will come. Read the story

Governor’s Institute Alumni – Ecmel Aysu Sürmen: Read Ecmel’s Blog – It is so hard for me to write about my days in Vermont. Expressing how I feel about my experience in 500 words is as difficult as defining a whole personality in three words. I am so sorry that the time went by so fast there. It has been two weeks since I returned to Turkey, and I still feel like it is not over. Read the story

Governor’s Institute Alumni – Tamer Özgen: Read Tamer’s Blog – Living in Vermont for 2 weeks was an amazing experience. Seeing that much green andmeeting with the amazing, friendly New Englanders made me so happy and made these two weeks the best two weeks of my life… Read the story

Governor’s Institute Alumni – Gizem Erduran: Read Gizem’s Blog – I joined in so many activities. For example, canoing, climbing and swimming in a lake. Also, the last day, we went to New York but I was happier in Vermont. Because we were so busy and I have never been bored! Read the story

Governor’s Institute Alumni – Aziz Gurpinar: Read Aziz’s Blog – Who would have known that a trip like this would change my perspective of the world to such an extent? At first, I was too prejudiced about the United States. I thought it was a country where almost no one is sober, most people are idle and many other stereotypes like that… Read the story

Governor’s Institute Alumni – Yağmur Çay: Read Yağmur’s Blog – When we arrived at the School of International Training, I couldn’t belive my eyes because it was such a huge and amazing school in a giant forest with a beautiful view. SIT is a pretty big and extensive campus. It has four dorms, three learning buildings, one big dining hall, a lake, sports facilities, laundry facilities, and tons of trees. Read the story