Opportunity Grants

EducationUSA provides a limited amount of financial assistance to talented students with demonstrated financial need who are interested in studying in the United States. Items eligible for funding include: test preparation/testing fees/travel to a test site, application and postage fees, translation fees, visa fees/travel costs, international airfare, a settling-in allowance, and books and insurance fees. Please contact the EducationUSA advising center nearest you (see below for contact information) for additional information, or send an e-mail with the application form attached to one of the advisers mentioned below EducationUSA-affiliates in Turkey:

Fulbright Eğitim Komisyonu
Şehit Ersan Cad. 28 / 4
Çankaya 06680 Ankara
Tel: 428 48 24 Fax: 312- 468 15 60s
e-posta: advising@tr.net
Lara Meltem Bilikmen

Fulbright Eğitim Komisyonu
Istanbul Irtibat Bürosu
Gümüşsuyu, Dümen Sok. 3/ 11
Taksim Istanbul 34437
Tel: 212- 244 11 05
Fax: 212- 249 75 81
email: fulb-ist@tr.net
Mevlude Bakir

Türk-Amerikan Derneği (TAD)
Cinnah Cad 20
Kavaklıdere  Ankara
Tel: 312- 4670820 / 426 26 44
Fax: 312- 468 25 38
email: useducation@taa-ankara.org.tr
Aylin Dewan

Applications can also be downloaded from the following websites: