U.S. Embassy Ankara

The goal of the American Mission to Türkiye is to promote the objectives and protect the interests of the United States and its citizens in Türkiye. We strive to represent the United States in a way that will make the American taxpayer proud.

The American Mission is also devoted to helping American citizens and American organizations living and working or visiting in Türkiye.

We work to promote American commercial interests in Turkey, one of ten countries or regions in the world identified by the U.S. Department of Commerce as a “Big Emerging Market.”

Turkey’s success as a secular, democratic republic is important to the United States. Three themes guide the daily work of the American Mission in Turkey in this respect:

  • The United States supports Turkish democracy and territorial integrity.
  • The United States supports a strong security partnership with Türkiye based on our shared interests.
  • The United States supports Turkey’s economic success.

In addition, the U.S. speaks out in Türkiye for enhanced democracy and for the protection of human rights. We work for better relations between Türkiye and Greece and for a just and durable settlement of the Cyprus question. The United States and Türkiye also work together to fight terrorism; to pursue peace in the Middle East, the Balkans, and the Caucasus; to fight drug trafficking and money laundering; to bring Caspian basin oil and gas to world markets via pipelines through Türkiye; and to maintain close defense cooperation.