Public Diplomacy

The Public Diplomacy section in Turkey, located in Ankara, Istanbul and Adana are responsible for media, cultural, and educational affairs for the U.S. Mission in Turkey. Promoting cultural and educational ties with the United States is a major responsibility of the Public Diplomacy section in Turkey. They work closely with Turkish institutions in organizing exchanges, lectures, seminars, workshops, and presentations by U.S. academics, specialists, writers and artists. Our goal is to disseminate accurate information about the United States to a wide audience, including on the topics of politics, environment, business and economics, defense, international relations, civic education, English language teaching, and American culture.

By promoting projects to collaborate on topics of interest or importance for both countries, the Public Affairs Section works closely with NGOs as well as government officials on these issues, and provides International Visitor Leadership Program and other exchange programs in the United States, allowing Turkish professionals to meet with their American counterparts.

We also work with the Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Turkey commonly known as the Fulbright Commission which provides a rich variety of academic exchanges through its Humphrey and Fulbright scholarship programs and through educational advising.

The Public Affairs Section provides support for the teaching of American English, especially in underserved communities that often struggle with mastery of the English language. Through the Embassy Speaker Program, our Embassy officers regularly visit high schools to share various aspects of American culture with Turkish students and educators. Public Affairs Section cooperates with higher education institutes, bringing American subject experts to participate in conferences/lectures taking place at Turkish institutions.

Public Affairs Section also seeks to promote American values through showcasing the best of American art and culture to the local audience. It supports and facilitates visits of major American artists in various fields such as dance, music, filmmaking, literature, painting and more. It also organizes special events for unprivileged audiences engaging these artists and emphasizing the role of art in building a better community.

Press Office

The Press Section handles relations between the Embassy and the media in Turkey. The Embassy Information Officer responds to questions from the press and provides information on U.S. foreign policy and current issues to the media

Press enquiries, please contact: e-mail:

The Press Section arranges media events including press conferences, media coverage of key events in Turkey involving the United States Government, and requested interviews with the Ambassador, other Embassy personnel, and visiting U.S. Government officials.

The Press Office also works with the Turkish press corps to facilitate travel to the U.S. by Turkish media for training and reporting purposes.  Occasionally, the Press Section will sponsor journalism training sessions and arrange for speaking tours by media experts and other professionals with schools of communication in Turkey.