Gizem Erduran’s Governor’s Institute Blog

Hi, I’m Gizem, from Turkey! I’m fifteen years old. I participated in GIV  on June, 25, 2012. It was a great experience for me. I met new people from Germany, Ireland, Israel and of course US. In  addition, there were 14 students from  different cities of Turkey.  I didn’t just improve my English there, at the same time I made great friends . Still, my English is better than before! In fact I love English like my mother tongue.

I joined in so many activities. For example, canoing, climbing and swimming in a lake. Also, the last day, we went to New York but I was happier in Vermont. Because we were so busy and I have never been bored! Just we had fun ! Beside the fun, we discussed with each other about current issues and we brought new results to some problems. We made a presentation about our countries. I was so excited before I didn’t go to US. Because I haven’t been abroad before and US was the first for me! I loved American people. They’re all  so nice! I loved to talk to them! Somebody said  that to me “My accent is approaching to American English”. When I heard that I was so happy! I wanna go to Stanford University in the US. I know that:  I must work hard! I’ll try to do the best! That’s a  true decision! Also, we have “Forum theater” and we chose a subject from dancing, writing,singing… And I chose dancing! At the last day with Vermonters, we exhibited them to the others. While we were leaving from each other, we all cried! Becuse we lived so many amazing moments there. We did marshmallow in the campfire. We went to a farm in Vermont and we tasted so delicious things. I wanna go back to US. I wish I could be there now! We learned to be a team, work with the other people, listen to each other, speak in a common language. My ambition is more powerful now! I want to go to US for university. I want to live the same moments again! Thanks to everybody in this program! I lived more beautiful moments than I expected.  Thank you again and again!…:))

Gizem Erduran