Health Alert – Mission Turkey – April 2

April 2, 2020

Location: Turkey
Event: Message to U.S. citizens – Update on COVID-19 and Related Restrictions

New Updates

  • As of April 1, the Turkish Ministry of Health has confirmed 15,679 cases of COVID-19, 277 related deaths in Turkey, and 979 patients in intensive care.
  • International flights from Istanbul are still available with connections to the United States on Qatar Airways and Belavia Airways. For flights through Minsk, Belarus, passengers must use a travel agency to ensure onwards connections through Europe and then to the United States. Please note, we understand that flights are getting more expensive, and expect commercial prices to rise, so encourage early travel out while commercial flights remain an option.
  • As of March 29, all passengers on domestic flights in Turkey are required to submit a travel permit obtained from the Travel Permit Council. All individuals with e-devlet accounts can request those permits online. For non-Turkish citizens who have had residency permits for more than six months, we understand that you can obtain a Foreigner Identification Number and set up your own e-devlet account. Please follow the instructions at e-devlet. The process for those without e-devlet accounts has not yet been established; we will advise as soon as we obtain this information.
  • Ac to Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a travel permit is not needed for inter-city travel in private vehicles.
  • According to Turkish authorities, bus travel is limited, and to travel inter-city, we understand a written travel permit from your local governors’ office is required. We do not have further information on how a foreigner would obtain such permission.

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