Let’s Up Demo Days

Student entrepreneurship is on the rise and becoming even more important, both for students as they develop long-term leadership skills, and business connections in Turkey. Additionally, entrepreneurship is an activity that cannot only enhance students’ success academically, but strengthen confidence and instill qualities and skills conducive to success upon graduation.

To foster the ecosystem in Turkey, in partnership with Turkish Economy Bank, and the entrepreneurship foundation the US Embassy Ankara organized the Let’s up program in Bogazici, Yildiz Teknik, Konya Selcuk and Middle East Technical University. On May 16 METU, May 17 Konya Selcuk, May 24 Yildiz Technical University and May 31 Bogazici Demodays were completed and 8 bright students were selected to travel to the “Silicon Valley” in the United States.

On May 31, Consul General Charles Hunter attended the final demo day at Bogazici University and gave remarks at the event. He mentioned that the entrepreneurial spirit in Turkey exists and it should be supported even more with initiatives like this. He also mentioned that the negative connotations with failure should be turned into a best practice and shaming the entrepreneur should fade away from the spirit, as the entrepreneurs fail they get stronger and wiser.


The U.S. Mission will continue to make it a priority to work on entrepreneurship and work with university students to foster the eco system in Turkey.