Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Rally in Yenikapi Park on Sunday

The U.S. Consulate General in Istanbul informs U.S. citizens that a rally is scheduled to take place from 4pm to 7pm on Sunday, September 20, in Yenikapi Park in Istanbul to protest ongoing violence in Turkey’s southeastern provinces. It is anticipated that both President Erdogan and Prime Minister Davutoglu will lead the rally and that attendance could exceed one million people. Turkish National Police may close many of the streets to the east and west of Yanikapi. In addition, given Yenikapi Park’s proximity to the ferry terminal, the Consulate expects that ferry services will be disrupted.

U.S. citizens are reminded to exercise caution in the vicinity of large gatherings, as even peaceful gatherings can turn confrontational.  Please maintain a high level of vigilance, take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security, and follow instructions of local authorities.

Please monitor the news for further developments and maintain security awareness.  Please have a safe and peaceful Bayram.

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