Remarks by Consul General Julie A. Eadeh for the 247th Independence Day Celebration in Istanbul

June 13, 2023

Consul General Eadeh:

Sevgili misafirlerimiz, hepiniz hoş geldiniz!  

Sayın valim, 3rd Corps Commander, district mayors, your All Holiness the Ecumencial Patriarch, business leaders, fellow diplomats, academics, members of the press, clergy, civil society, honored guests. Welcome to the 247th celebration of the independence of the United States of America. 

I am also pleased to be joined by Ambassador and Mrs. Flake, and my better half, David Ng, from Ankara.  

As we begin, allow me to thank  my team at the consulate for their hard work in preparing tonight’s celebration. Elinize sağlık arkadaşlar. 

Each year in countries around the world, we come together to celebrate the birth of our country and to remember the ideals that inspired its founding: freedom, equality, and democracy. Özgürlük, eşitlik ve demokrasi.       

It is a distinct honor to represent the United States in Istanbul, a daughter of immigrants who came to America in search of those fundamental freedoms. Ben de bir Amerikan rüyası gerçekleştirdim.   

Our diplomatic presence in Istanbul is one of our oldest in the world, and a reflection of our enduring commitment. İstanbul gerçekten muhteşem bir şehir.  

Istanbul, my team and I feel your warmth and hospitality every day.  We saw the goodness in humanity come together in grief and support after the devastating earthquakes last February. Every day we watch ships pass through the Bosphorus, carrying grain to the world’s most vulnerable.  And last fall, we faced the terror attacks on Istiklal street with courage and resolve. It is a privilege to stand with you, in good times and bad.  

İyi ve kötü günde yanınızda olmak bizim için bir şereftir. 

Our work here is vital: from increasing bilateral trade and opportunities for American and Turkish businesses; deepening ties between our two peoples through travel and academic exchanges; and reinforcing trusted partnerships between our law enforcement agencies and militaries to keep our two countries safe.   

So tonight, as we reflect on the values that inspired American independence 247 years ago, and on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the republic of Türkiye, let us celebrate the strength of our two democracies.   

Bu vesi-leyle, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti’nin yüzüncü kuruluş yıldönümü, kutlu olsun.  

And now it is my honor to introduce the United States Ambassador to Türkiye, Jeffry Flake.