Trio Chicago & Friends Ankara Journey

Trio Chicago & Friends continued their visits in Ankara. On December 10th, the group visited Buyukhanli Kardesler Middle School in Cankaya, Ankara. After two mini concerts, the group answered questions fired by curious and music enthusiastic middle school students. The y asked “When did you start performing?”, “When did you discover that you have music talent?”, “When did this group come to life?”. After the Q&A session, the students encircled the musicians for their autographs.

On December 11th, the group head to Kecioren Anatolian High School. After a mini concert, school’s music group performed Turkish songs to Trio Chicago & Friends. Soprona Suna Avci, Turkish musician from father side, happily joined the club members and sang Turkish songs along with them.

On the same day, the group visited Gazi University as their final stop. After the performance, the group members interacted with the Music Department students. The group members had a chance to listen to Music Department’s classical music orchestra. The orchestra performed parts of famous classical music and finalized their show with West Side Story music.

Violinists Marlou Johnston and Elliott Golub, flutist Laura Hamm, soprano Suna Avci Gunther and pianist Susan Chou are the members of the band. After the performances and workshops in various parts of Ankara, the group flew back to States. All the concerts and workshops are sponsored by U.S. Embassy Turkey Cultural Programs Department.