Instructions on how to get married in Ankara district

A medical examination is mandatory in order to get married. Each party needs to undergo a medical examination. The examination may be performed in designated medical clinics determined by the Turkish of Marriage Bureaus. You will need to contact the marriage bureau of your choice for the addresses of these clinics. A report of medical examination includes applicant’s blood type and results of blood tests for HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and Syphilis and indicates that the applicant has no contagious diseases. Medical reports without the applicant’s photo and doctor’s stamp will not be accepted. Instructions on the required documents can be found at Cankaya Marriage Bureaus website.

  1. Execute Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry from the U.S Embassy, Consular Section by presenting your passport.  If you have been married previously, you must also submit an original or a certified copy of your divorce decree.  The fee for notarizing the marriage affidavit is $50.00. This form is valid only for 6 months.
  2. The Turkish government requires authentication of the Consular Officer’s signature. You need to take the notarized marriage affidavit to the the Consular Department of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) by scheduling an appointment at
  3. Three copies of both sides of this affidavit (after MFA stamp) and a copy of the bio pages of your passport is required.
  4. Each party needs to provide five photographs, 2×2 inches in size, taken within last six months.
  5. Every mayoral district has a marriage bureau. Learn which district your residence falls and pick up a “Marriage Declaration” (PDF 627 KB) form (Evlenme Beyannamesi), from the Marriage Bureau. You should fill out two copies of the marriage declaration form and have notarized translations at a notary office (notarized translation required if you do not speak Turkish).  You should also have a Turkish speaker with you when going to the marriage bureaus and medical clinics. Below are some Marriage Bureaus in Ankara:
  • Çankaya Belediyesi
    Evlendirme Dairesi
    Vedat Dalokay Nikah Sarayi,
    Cok Katli Oto Park Karsisi,
    Kurtulus Parki ici, Sihhiye, Ankara.
    Tel: (90) (312) 458-8974, 458-8900 x1851-1874
  • Altındağ Belediyesi
    Evlendirme Dairesi
    Genclik Parki Ici
    Ulus, Ankara
    Tel: (90) (312) 310-1634
  • Yenimahalle Belediyesi
    Evlendirme Dairesi
    Belediye Sarayi Kat: 3
    Ivedik Caddesi
    Yenimahalle, Ankara
    Tel: (90) (312) 315-7193
    Direct or (90) (312) 343-3000×2280
  • Keçiören Belediyesi
    Evlendirme Dairesi
    Kecioren Belediyesi Kat: 2
    Kalaba Kent Meydani
    Kecioren, Ankara
    Tel: (90) (312) 361-1046 or
    (90) (312) 361-1065×1192
  1. You can find an English translation of the marriage declaration form for reference purposes only by clicking here (PDF 219 KB). All questions should be answered in Turkish.  The marriage declaration must be certified and photos affixed by a district alderman (muhtar) or a notary.
  • When completing the marriage declaration be careful not to make any misspellings or typos.
  • Be sure to list your prior marital history as single, widowed or divorced. If widowed or divorced state the exact date of the termination of the marriage including day, month and year. (Turkish women must obtain a Turkish court Decree of Waiver to be eligible to re-marry within 300 days after the termination of a prior marriage.)
  • The applicant’s date of birth should be written as day, month, and year.
  1. Passports and birth certificates in foreign languages should be translated into English by a sworn translator and notarized by a Turkish notary.
  2. The fee for the marriage at the marriage bureaus can be found at the below link: (PDF 93 KB)
  3. Two witnesses who are not your close relatives must attend the marriage ceremony.   If your Turkish is limited, you will need to have your translator present (witnesses cannot be translators).
  4. Children under the age of 18 must obtain permission from parents or custodians to get married. Children under the age of 16 must bring a court order to be eligible to get married.
  5. If you would like to use your maiden name together with your married name you should complete two original copies of application forms at the Marriage Bureau during your initial registration.