Medical Assistance

Please note: The Department of State assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the entities or individuals whose names appear on the following lists. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department or the U.S. government. Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. The information on the list is provided directly by the local service providers; the Department is not in a position to vouch for such information.

List of Doctors

The U.S. Embassy cannot accept any responsibility for the integrity or services provided by the doctors whose names appear on the lists.

This is a limited representative list of Turkish physicians, specialists, and dentists in the Ankara Consular District.  It is not a complete list of doctors and specialists, and it is possible that other competent doctors not listed have been used by Americans.  The Embassy cannot accept any responsibility for the integrity or services provided by the doctors whose names appear on the list.

Doctors in Ankara


Avci, Alev Hatice
Address: Güven Hospital
Şimşek Sok. No:29
06540 Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-457-2525


Korkmaz, Mehmet Emin
Address: Güven Hospital
Şimşek Sok. No:29
06540 Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-457-2525

Cosmetic,Plastic, and Vascular Surgery

Civas, Ekrem
Address: Cosmetic, Plastic and Vascular Surgery Clinic
Ugur Mumcu Street, 61/6 2nd Floor
06700 Gaziosmanpasa , ANKARA
Tel: 0-312-437-0737
Fax: 0-312-448-2925

Born in 1971 in Diyarbakir. Graduated from Dicle University from faculty of Medicine. Then completed his residency as a Dermatologist. He has several post-graduate studies such as hair restoration surgery in Vancouver, Canada in 2003 and became a member of ISHRS (International Society of Hair RestorationSurgery) and ESHRS (European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). Got certification for cosmetic laser applications from CUTERA in New York in 2005. Presently he is performing cosmetic dermatology procedures and hair transplantation. He speaks English.

Dermatology And Dermalpathology

Erdemli, Jale
Address: Tunali Hilmi Caddesi 110/8
Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-468-0215/6
Fax: 0-312-468-0216

Ilter, Nilsel
Address: Cinnah Caddesi 67/8
Tel: 0-312-441-8856

Family Medicine

Ungan, Mehmet
Address: Family Medicine Private Practice
Ataturk Boulevard, 237/45
06680 Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-427-6626
Fax: 0-312-426-9956
Web site:

Born 1962 in Istanbul.  Graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Istanbul, 1987.  Specialized in family medicine.  Studied and certified as trainer of family medicine in postgraduate medical school, University of Exeter, U.K.  He won 1993 Katherine von Quensberg Award.  Studied at Gastroenterology Department of Katolisches Hospital, Essen, Germany.  He is presently Deputy Director of Middle East Technical University Medical Center. Speaks English.

Internal Medicine & Cardiology 

Oto, Ali
Address: Cinnah Cad. 98/4
Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-444-3439, 0-312-305-1780, 0-312-305-1783

Specialized in the management of hypertension, coronary artery disease, and arrythmias.

Ozer, Can (Cardiology Section Chief) 
Address:  Bayındır Hospital
Kızılırmak Mah. 1443. Cad. No:17
06520 Söğütözü, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-287-9000, 0-312-444-7774
Web site: 


Oksuzoglu, Gurol (Gastroenterology Section Chief)
Address: Bayındır Hospital
Kızılırmak Mah. 1443. Cad. No:17
06520 Söğütözü, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-287-9000, 0-312-444-7774
Web site:

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Gokmen, Oya Iskit
Address: Uğur Mumcu Cad Küpe Sok 9/3
GOP, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-437-8368

Born 1946 in Istanbul, Turkey.  Graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Ankara.  Trained in Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Hacettepe University, Ankara.  Post graduate training in Reproductive Endocrinology, Oxford University, John Radcliffe Hospital.  Studied radioimmunoassay techniques in hormones at University of Wales, Cardiff.  Presently in charge of clinic and laboratory for Reproductive Endocrinology at Ankara Maternity Hospital.  Speaks English and French.

Özmen, Şelale
Address: Tunalı Hilmi cad. 60/10
06660 Kavaklıdere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-467-2610-11
Fax: 0-312-467-2612

Born in 1960. Graduated from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine. Speaks English.

General Surgery

Gursoy, Ahmet Baris
Address: Cinnah Cad. Oba Apt. 31/16 Cankaya, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-428-1038


Ozdag, Burçin
Address: Güven Hospital
Şimşek Sok. No:29
06540 Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-457-2525

Arat, Yonca
Address: Başkent University Hospital
Fevzi Çakmak Cd. 10. Sk. No:45
Tel: 0-312- 212 68 68/212 1514/ 212 5164
Web site:


Guray, Enis (DDS, PhD)
Address: Cinnah Cad. 37/3
Cankaya, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-441-2383 or 441-2384

Born 1958 in Istanbul.  Graduated from the Saint Joseph French High School, Istanbul, in 1976 and from the Faculty of Dentistry, Hacettepe University, Ankara, in 1982.  He received his PhD and specialized in orthodontics in 1986 from the same University.  Speaks English and French.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Tokgözoğlu, Mazhar
Address: Cinnah Caddesi 24/11
Kavaklıdere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-428-2030
Fax: 0-312-428-2032

Born in the United States in 1959. Graduated from the Hacettepe University in Ankara, completed residency in Orthopedics and Traumatology at the Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. Fellowship training in the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas on Adult Reconstructive Surgery. Currently a Professor of Orthopedics and Traumatology at the Hacettepe University. Specialized in treatment of arthritis and trauma surgery. Fields of interest includes, hip and knee arthritis, joint  replacement, shoulder surgery, spine conditions  and treatment of fractures. Speaks English.


Aykol, Nevin
Address: Bayındır Hospital
Atatürk Bulvarı No:201
06680 Kavaklıdere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-428-0808 ext. 8303
Web site: 

Elmas, Cengizhan
International Well Child Clinic
Address: Abdullah Cevdet Sokak 30/9 Çankaya ANKARA
Phone: 0-312-440-2338
Fax: 0-312-440-2338

Born in Turkey in 1970. Specialist training in Pediatrics at Hacettepe University Children’s Hospital, Ankara, Turkey. 5 years of training, followed by a year-long fellowship in pediatric respiratory disease. More than 10 years of work experience in outpatient care at ABC Child Health Center in Ankara. Editor-in-Chief of Pediatric Approaches Journal, chief author of First Aid at Home published in 2009. Chief author of Raising Children – Knowing When, What, and How to be published in 2011. Author of Pediatric Endocrinology to be published in 2011. Also serves in the post of Turkish Translating Editor for the American Academy of Pediatrics Parenting Books.

Pediatric Endocrinology

Cemeroğlu, Ayşe Pınar
Address: Başkent University Hospital
Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak Caddesi
10.sokak, No: 45, Bahçelievler, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-215-2114/2903-2933
Web site:

Born in Ankara, Turkey in 1964. Graduated from Hacettepe University Medical School (in English) in 1988. After passing ECFMG an USMLE exams, went to USA in 1994. Finished Pediatric Endocrinology fellowship training at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1997. Finished pediatric residency training at Yale affiliated program in 2000. Became board certified both in Pediatrics and Pediatric Endocrinology by American Board of Pediatrics. Worked as Pediatric Endocrinologist at Helen DeVos Children’s hospital between May 2002 till August 2015.  Specialized in treatment of type 1 diabetes in children, insulin pumps, thyroid disorders, growth and puberty disorders and other endocrine issues. Fluent in English.

Pediatrics and Pediatric allergy/asthma

Alp, Hande
Address: Şili Meydanı, Kavaklıdere Sokak 16/2
Çankaya, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-428-7872
Web site:


Ann, Guler
Address: Ikizdere sokak, Gaziosmanpasa, Ankara
Tel: 0-555-497-2802

Bilingual American psychologist. Born in 1958 in the U.S. Lived in the U.S. for 25 years where she received degrees in Psychology and Sociology. She then studied Clinical Psychology and Behavior Modification. She is bilingual in English/Turkish with 25+ years’ in therapy and behavior management. She has worked at Sabanci University for the past seven years and has been the British Embassy School, Ankara School Psychologist for five years. She has private practices in Ankara and Bodrum.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Hascelik, Zafer
Address: Cinnah Cad. 24/5
Cankaya, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-466-0707


Dursunkaya, Defne Ari
Address: Kennedy Cad. No:27 D:2
Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-419-4118


Address: 7. (Aşkaabat) cad. 17/6
Bahçelievler ANKARA
Tel: 0-312-223-0405

Denta Form
Orthodontics and Family Dentistry Center
Address: Mahatmagandi Cad. No 34
Gaziosmanpasa, Ankara 06700
Tel: 0-312-447-6090
Web site:

Nukhet Berk, founder of DENTA FORM, was born in Samsun, Turkey, in 1954.  Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Hacettepe University, in 1978.  Specialized in orthodontics at the same faculty.  Also experienced in pedodontics.  Speaks fluent English.

Dentics Dental Clinic
Gürmeriç, Arda
Address: Şili Meydani, Kavaklidere Sokak 3/3
Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-468-7678
Fax: 0-312-468-7679

Doctors speak English.

Ayata, Nil
Address: Cinnah Cad. 37/12
Cankaya, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-441-2384, 0-312-438-1713
Fax: 0-312-441-3432

Born in Ankara. Graduated from TED Ankara College in 1975, and from the Hacettepe University, Faculty of Dentistry, in 1982.  Speaks English.

OTM Orthodontic Treatment Center
Address: Farabi Sokak 22/A
Cankaya, Ankara
Fax: 0-312- 466-2550

General dentistry and orthodentic specialty

Sevgor, Semih
Address: Paris Caddesi 22/1
Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-418-7683 or 418-6995
Fax: 0-312-418-9379

Graduated from the Ankara University in 1971.  Practiced dentistry in Germany from 1972 to 1981.  Speaks English and German.  For a detailed information please visit the web site.

Suner, Gurman
Address: 8. Cadde Camlica Bulvar Sitesi
D Blok Daire 6
Umitkoy, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-236-0136

Born 1945, Gelibolu, Canakkale, Turkey.  Completed high school education in the United States.  Graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry, in 1968.  Dental training and practice in Germany 1979-1984.  Speaks English and German.

Torgay, Binnur
Address: Buğday Sokak 6/22, 1st Floor
Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-468-1015
Fax: 0-312-426-4583

Pediatric dentistry only

List of hospitals in istanbul
1 – Koc American Hospital
Guzelbahce Sokak, Nisantasi
Tel: (212) 311 2000
(212) 444 3777
Fax: (212) 311 2190 (Emergency)
2 – International Hospital
Istanbul Caddesi No: 82 Yesilkoy
Tel: (212) 468 4444
Fax: (212) 663 2862
3 – Istanbul Cerrahi Fulya Hospital
Ferah Sokak, No: 22 Nisantasi, Fulya
Tel: (212) 296 9450
Fax: (212) 219 2887
4 – Florence Nightingale Chain Hospitals
Call Centre: 444 0436 (no area code required)
5 – Acibadem Chain Hospital
Call Centre: 444 5544
6 – Memorial Health Group
Call Centre: 444 7888
7 – Memorial Hizmet Hospital
Bahcelievler Mah, Gunes Sokak No: 2 Bahcelievler
Tel: (212) 408 6666
Fax: (212) 408 6603

The American Embassy, Ankara, assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or firms whose names appear on these lists. The names are arranged geographically and by specialty, and the order in which they appear has no other significance.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Ugurbil, Kemal
Address: 1391 Sokak 4/102
Alsancak, Izmir
Tel:  0-232-422-3270
Fax:    0-232-463-9505

Born in Izmir in 1953.  Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Ege University, Izmir.  Trained in Department of Gynecology and Obsterics, and received his PhD at Uludag University. Post graduate work in the U.S.  Speaks English.


Kaskaloglu Goz Hastanesi
Address: 1400 sok, no 10
Alsancak, Izmir
Tel:  0-232-4650505
Fax:   0-232-4650506
Web site:

All doctors speak English. General ophthalmology, laser refractive surgery,Lasik, intra-lase.

Retina Goz Hastaliklari ve Laser Merkezi
Prof. Dr. Suleyman Kaynak
Address:  1488 sokak. No:3
Alsancak, Izmir
Tel:  0-232-4644949
Fax:   0-232-4644949
Web site:

Graduate of Ankara University.  Post graduate of Dokuz Eylul University.  Member of 8 international societies.

Orthopedics & Traumatology

Prof. Dr. Aydogdu, Semih
Address: Ziya Gokalp Blv. 22/3
Alsancak, Izmir
Tel:    0-232-463-2173

Graduate of Ege University, Faculty of Medicine; post graduate studies at Ege University Hospital, Izmir in 1992.  Speaks English.


Ozel Efes Kulak Burun Bogaz Merkezi
Dr. Gurkan Aladag
Address:   Akdeniz Cad. No:14/A,
Pasaport, Izmir
Tel:   0-232-446-1516
Fax:   0-232-446-5796

Graduate of University of Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine.  Post graduate at Ege university. Speaks English.

Erdag, Ismet
Address:  Cesav Tip Merkezi
Karsiyaka, Izmir
Tel:  0-232-362-6767

Graduate of University of Istanbul, Faculty of Medicine.  Post graduate at the same university.  Speaks English.


Kose, Galip
Address: Talatpasa Blvd. 61/8, Kat 3
Alsancak, Izmir
Tel:    0-232-422-1822

Graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine.  Post graduate studies at the Ege University, Izmir.  Speaks English.

Ozkan, Hasan
Address: 1394 sok. No:14/3
Alsancak, Izmir
Tel:    0-232-4635041

Graduate of Ege University  Post graduate studies at 9 Eylul  University. Speaks English.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Cakaloz, Murat
Address: Ozel Yedigun Tip Merkezi
Mustafa Kemal Cad. 130/A
Bornova, Izmir
Tel:  0-232-3421900

Plastic Surgery

Cagdas, Arman
Address: Talatpasa Blvd. 33/2
Alsancak, Izmir
Tel:    0-232-421-8077

Songur, Ecmel
Address:      Ali Cetinkaya Blvd. No. 64 Daire 6
Alsancak, Izmir
Tel:  0-232-421-1228

Graduate of Ege University, Faculty of Medicine; post graduate study at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine.  Speaks English.


Deger, Nebil
Address:     1420 Sok.100/A
Alsancak, Izmir
Tel:  0-232-421-0378
Fax:    0-232-464 9030

Graduate of University of Ankara, Faculty of Medicine.  Post graduate studies in the U.K.  Speaks English.


Peker, Aziz
Address:      Cumhuriyet Bulvari No:203/3
Alsancak, Izmir
Tel:      0-232-421-9883

Graduate of Ege University Hospital, Faculty of Medicine; post graduate studies at the same hospital.  Speaks English.

Edes, Cihat
Address: Talatpasa Blvd. 54/3
Alsancak, Izmir
Tel:  0-232-422-3193 or 422-0089

Born in 1949 in Ankara. Graduated from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine. Speaks English.


Gozubuyuk, Murat
Address:  Mustafabey Cad. Sogut Apt. 4/2
Alsancak, Izmir
Tel:  0-232-422-3769

Born in Kayseri in 1948.  Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Hacettepe University, Ankara, in 1972.  One year in Switzerland on an exchange program; worked in Germany for 14 years.  Post-graduate work in the U.S.  Speaks English and German.

Kaya, Can Altug
Dentorion Dental Clinic
Address: Mustafabey Cad. Berki Apt. 1/1 D.18
Alsancak, Izmir
Phone: 0-232-464-8811
Fax:   0-232-464-0595

Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Ege University in Izmir.  Areas of specialty include esthetics, bleaching, prosthodontics, restorative dentistry. info@d`

Poroy, Suleyman
Address:   1382 Gul Sokak No. 27 Daire 1
Alsancak, izmir
Tel:  0-232-421-9616

Born in Nazilli in 1952. Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Gazi University in Ankara,  in 1976.  Post graduate and continuing education training: 3I Implant Training, Operative Dentistry, Annual CPR Training, training in prosthodentics, operative dentistry and dental surgery.  Speaks English , German and French.

Yolalan, Okan
Address: Mustafabey Caddesi
Kösemen Apt. No:21 D:3
Alsancak, İZMİR
Tel: (0232) 465 17 22

Graduated in 1996 from Temple University School of Dentistry, Philadelphia General practitioner, specialized in Implantology,  Member of Nobel Smile (Nobel Biocare).

The American Embassy, Ankara, assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or firms whose names appear on these lists. The names are arranged geographically and by specialty, and the order in which they appear has no other significance.

Obstetrics & gynecology

Keskin, Mehmet Tarık
Address: Medicalpark Hospital
Gulluk Cad. 83/4
Tel: 0-242-241-7991
Email: tarı

Doctors and hospitals in Ankara’s consular district

This is a limited representative list of Turkish hospitals and laboratories in the Ankara Consular District. It is not a complete list of hospitals and laboratories, and it is possible that other competent hospitals and laboratories not listed have been used by Americans.  The Embassy cannot accept any responsibility for the integrity or services provided by the hospitals and laboratories whose names appear on the list.

List of hospitals in Ankara

Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine (State)
Ankara Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Morfoloji Yerleşkesi
06100 Sıhhıye, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-508-3333

Başkent University Hospital (Private)
Fevzi Çakmak Cd. 10. Sk. No:45
Bahçelievler, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-212-6868
Fax: 0-312-223-7333

Bayındır Hospital (Private)
Atatürk Bulvarı No: 201
06680 Kavaklıdere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-428-0808
Fax: 0-312-428-0629

Çankaya Hospital (Private)
Bülten Sokak No:44
Çankaya, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-426-1450
Fax: 0-312-467-9706

Kavaklidere Umut Hospital (Private)
Buklum Sokak No:72
Kavaklıdere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-466-3838

Gazi University Hospital (State)
Gazi Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Gazi Hastanesi
Beşevler, Ankara
Tel: 0-312- 202-4444 or 444-4848

Gülhane Military Hospital (State)
Etlik, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-325-1211

Güven Hospital (Private)
Simsek Sok. No: 29
06540 Kavaklıdere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-457-2525
Fax: 0-312-428-0665!/en/home

Hacettepe University Hospital (State)
Hacettepe Üniversitesi
Tıp Fakültesi
06100 Sıhhiye, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-305-1080
Fax: 0-312-310-0580

Izmir Universitesi: MedicalPark Hastanesi (JCI approved)
Yeni Girne Blv. 1825 sokak No: 12 Karsiyaka, Izmir
232.3995050 or 4444484

Numune Hospital (State)
Ülkü Mahallesi Talatpaşa Bulvarı No:5
06100 Altındağ, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-508-4000
Fax: 0-312-311-4340

Medicana Hospital (Private)
Söğütözü Caddesi,2165 Sokak No:6
Söğütözü 06520, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-292-9292

Laboratories in Ankara

Düzen Laboratory
Ataturk Bulvari No: 237/39
Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-468-7010 /427-8170
Fax: 0-312-427-8174

Iran Cad. 13/13
Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0-312-467-1954
Fax: 0-312-467-1925

Denge Laboratory
Cinnah Caddesi No: 36
Tel: 0-312-468-7045

List of Hospitals in Antalya

Akdeniz University Hospital (State)
Dumlupınar Bulvarı
07059, Kampüs, Antalya
Tel: 0-242-249-6868

Lara Hospital (Private)
Havaalani Caddesi Sevinc Sokak No:9
Lara, Antalya
Tel: 0-242-349-4040
Fax: 0-242-349-2626

Antalya Anadolu Hospital (Private)
Çaybaşı Mah. Burhanettin
Onat Cad.1352 Sk. No:12
Antalya 07100
Tel: 0-242-249-3300
Fax: 0-242-311-6778

Kemer Anadolu Hospital (Private)
Kemer 1.Giriş Atatürk Bulv.
Kemer, Antalya 07980
Tel: 0-242-814-5970 (pbx)
Fax: 0-242-814-5984

Belek Anadolu Hospital (Private)
Kadriye Beldesi, Akınlar
Mah.Alan Cad.
Serik, Antalya 07500
Tel: 0-242-725-5000
Fax: 0-242-725-5512

Side Anadolu Hospital (Private)
Yalı Mahallesi Side Bulvarı No.55
Side-Manavgat, Antalya 07330
Tel: 0-242-744-0202
Fax: 0-242-744-0203

List of hospitals in Izmi̇r

Ege University Hospital (State)
Bornova, Izmir
Tel: 0-232-444-1343

9 Eylül University Hospital (State)
Balcova, Izmir
Tel: 0-232-412-2222

Çınarlı Private Maternity Hospital (Private)
Anadolu Caddesi No. 14
Eski Bornova Yolu
Cinarli, Izmir
Tel: 0-232-462-2727

Atatürk Egitim ve Arastirma Hastanesi(State)
Tel: 0-232-244-4444

Izmir University: MedicalPark Hospital (JCI approved)
Yeni Girne Blv. 1825 sokak
No: 12 Karsiyaka, Izmir
Tel: 0-232-399-5050 or 444 4 484

Karşıyaka Devlet Hastanesi (State)
Tel: 0-232-366-8888, 444-3530

Başkent Üniversitesi Zübeyde Hanım Hospital (Private)
6371 Sokak No 34
Bostanlı, Karşıyaka 35540, İzmir
Tel: 0-232-241-1000

Özel Karataş Hosptial (Private)
336 Sokak No 26
Tel: 0-232-441-4170 or 483-5687

Özel Şifa Hospital (Private)
Fevzipaşa Blv 172/2
Tel: 0-232-446-0880, 444-7432

Özel Atakalp Hospital (Private)
Akuncılar Caddesi
1421 Sokak
Kahramanlar, İzmir
Tel: 0-232-483-1414

Özel El ve Mikrocerrahi Hospital (Private)
(Hand Microsurgery, Orthopedy Traumatology Hospital)
1418 Sokak No 14
Kahramanlar, İzmir
Tel: 0-232-441-0121

Özel Gazi Hospital (Private)
1421 Sokak No 29
Alsancak, İzmir
Tel: 0-232-464-7979

Özel Tinaztepe Hospital (Private)
203/27 Sokak No 12
Buca, İzmir
Tel: 0232 4541414 -4541516

Özel Kent Hospital (Private)
8229 Sokak No 30
Çiğli, İzmir
Tel: 0-232-386-7070

Alsancak Devlet Hospital (State)
Alicetinkaya Blv. No:26
Alsancak, İzmir
Tel: 0-232-444-3511

Dr. Suat Seren Göğüs Hastalıkları Hospital (State)
Gaziler Cad. No:331
Yenişehir, İzmir
Tel: 0-232-433-3333

Behçet Uz Çocuk Hospital (State)
Children’s Hospital
Sezer Doğan Sok. No:11
Alsancakö İzmir
Tel: 0-232-411-6000/0489-5656

Çeşme Alper Cizgenakat Devlet Hastanesi (Private)
Çeşme, İzmir
Tel: 0-232-712-0777/8

Özel Sissus Hospital (Private)
Ilıca Mahallesi 5003 Sokak No: 1
Çeşme, İzmir
Tel: 0-232-723-0555

List of hospitals in Aydin (Kuşadasi)

Aydın Devlet Hastanesi (State)
Kizilay Cad. No:13
Tel: 0-256-213-9000

Aydın Adnan Menderes Universite Hastanesi (State)
Tel: 0-256-444-1256/ 214-5400

Medline Hastaneleri Aydin (State)
Izmir Blv. Efeler Mah. No:82
Tel: 0-256-212-0012

Özel Kuşadası Hastanesi (Private)
Türkmen Mahallesi
Ant Sokak No 17
Kuşadası, Aydın
Tel: 0-256-613-1616

Didim State Hospital (State)
Didim, Aydın
Tel: 0-256-811-5757

List of hospitals in Mani̇sa

Manisa Celal Bayar Universitesi Hastanesi (State)
Uncubozkoy Yerleskesi Tel: 0-236-444-4228
Moris Sinasi Yerleskesi Tel: 0-236-232-3133

Ozel 8 Eylül Hastanesi (Private)
Uzunyol Cad. NO:140
Merkez, Manisa
Tel: 0-236-238-8823-24-25
List of hospitals in Uşak

Öztan Hastanesi (Private)
Ugur Mumcu Cad. No:24
Tel: 0-276-216-1600

Medical Park Hastanesi (Private)
Ataturk Blv. No:139 A
Tel: 0-276-227-6565

Uşak Devlet Hastanesi (State)
Tel: 0-276-224-0000

List of hospitals in Deni̇zli̇

Denizli Devlet Hastanesi (State)
Tel: 0-258-263-9311

Denizli Pamukkale Universitesi Hastanesi (State)
Tel: 0-252-444-0728

Denizli Sifa Hastanesi (Private)
Prof. Dr. Nusret Fisek sokak No:11
Tel: 0-258-242-1136

List of hospitals in Muğla

Özel Yücelen Hospital (Private)
Kotekli Mevkii Marmaris Yol kavsagi
Tel: 0-252-223-8040

Muğla Üniversitesi Eğitim ve Araştırma Hospital (State)
Orhaniye Mah. Ismet Catak Cad.
Tel: 0-252-214-1326

Bodrum Devlet Hospital (State)
Elmadag Cad. Bodrum
Muğla Devlet Hospital (State)
Tel: 0-252-313-1420

Özel Bodrum Hospital (Private)
Turkkuyusu Mah. Marsmabedi Cad. No:33/35 Bodrum
Tel: 0-252-444-4478

Özel Letoon Hospital (Private)
Suleyman Demirel Blv. Sehit Hasan Kucukcoban Cad. No:22
Fethiye, Muğla
Tel: 0-252-646-9600

Ahu Hetman Hospital (Private)
Cildir Mah. 167 sok. No:3
Marmaris, Mugla
Tel: 0-252-417-7777

Medical information

The American Consulate, Adana, assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the hospitals whose names appear on this list. The names are arranged geographically and alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. This list does not constitute a recommendation by the Consulate of the hospitals listed. The following list includes hospitals in the district with staff that have some English language capability.

List of Hospitals in U.S. Consulate Adana District


Acibadem hospital (Private)
Address: Cumhuriyet Cad. No: 66 01130 Seyhan / Adana
Tel: 322 455 44 44

Adana numune egitim ve arastirma hastanesi (State)
Address: Hacı Ömer Sabancı Caddesi Barajyolu
Tel: 322 355 50 00
Fax: 322 225 29 86

Baskent university Adana hospital -yuregir(private)
Address: Dadaloğlu Mah.39.Sk.No:6 01250 Yüreğir ADANA
Tel: 322 327 2727
Fax: 322 327 1274

Baskent university adana hospital -Seyhan (private)
Address: Gazi Paşa Mah. Baraj Yolu 1. Durak No:37 Seyhan ADANA
Tel: 322 458 6868
Fax: 322 459 7251

Medline hospital Adana (private)
Address: Belediye Evleri Mahallesi Turgut Özal Bulvarı No:234 Seyhan Adana
Tel: 322 455 2550

Cukurova university Balcali hospital (state)
Address: Çukurova Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Balcalı Hastanesi 01330 Balcalı/ADANA
Tel: 322 338 60 60
Fax: 322 338 69 00

Ortadogu ozel Saglik hospital (private)
Address: Ziyapaşa Mah. 51. Sokak No:1 Seyhan/ADANA
Tel: 322 454 44 30
Fax: 322 458 54 51

Ozel Adana hospital (private)
Address: Atatürk Caddesi Büyükşehir Belediyesi Karşısı No:23 Seyhan / ADANA
Tel: 322 459 22 22
Fax: 322 459 25 55

Ortopedya hospital (Private)
Address: Döşeme Mahallesi (ifte Minare Civarı) Cumhuriyet Cad. No:64 Seyhan / Adana
Tel: 322 432 77 77
Fax: 322 436 81 10


Adiyaman devlet hastanesi (State)
Address: Turgut Reis Mah. 02200 Adıyaman/Adiyaman Province
Tel: 416 216 11 24
Fax: 416 216 59 94

Kahta devlet hastanesi (State)
Address: Mustafa Kemal Caddesi Kahta/ Adıyaman
Tel: 416 725 50 67
Fax: 416 725 65 02


Özel batman hastanesi (Private)
Address: Turgut Özal Bulvarı no:293 Batman Merkez/Batman
Tel: 488 214 70 77
Fax: 488 214 53 00


Dicle universitesi tip fakultesi hastanesi (State)
Address : Diyarbakir Merkez/Diyarbakir
Tel: 412 248 80 01
Fax: 412 248 85 23

Özel diyarbakir hastanesi (Private)
Address: Aliemir 5. Sokak Vilayet Durağı No. 18 Merkez/Diyarbakir
Tel: 412 221 31 80


Gaziantep universitesi tip fakultesi hastanesi ( State)
Address: Üniversite Bulvarı P.K. 27310 Şehi̇t kami̇l/Gaziantep
Tel: 342 360 60 60
Fax: 342 360 39 28

Sev amerikan hastanesi (Private)
Address: Tepebaşı Mahallesi Yüksek Sokak No. 3 / A Şahi̇nbey/Gaziantep
Tel: 342 220 02 11
Fax: 342 220 02 10


Hatay devlet hastanesi (State)
Address: Odabaşı Beldesi Hatay Merkez/Hatay
Tel: 326 214 54 30
Fax: 326 213 07 25

Mustafa kemal universitesi arastirma uygulama saglik hastanesi (State)
Address: MKÜ Tayfur Sökmen Kampüsü Hatay Merkez/Hatay
Tel: 326 229 10 00


Kiziltepe devlet hastanesi (State)
Address: Hastane Cad. Kiziltepe/Mardin
Tel: 482 312 31 45
Fax: 482 312 72 02


Mersin ozel dogus hastanesi (private)
Address: Kiremithane Mah. 177 Sok. No:21 Mersin Merkez
Tel: 324 238 49 49
Fax: 324 237 09 32

Mersin ozel yenisehir hastanesi (Private)
Address: Güvenevler mah. 20. cad. no:4 Yenişehir/Mersin
Tel: 324 329 39 00
Fax: 324 329 34 51

Ozel mersin ortadogu hastanesi (Private)
Address: Atatürk Mah. Üniversite Yolu Üzeri 35. Sokak No : 11 Mezitli / Mersin
Tel: 324 357 58 00
Fax: 324 357 58 08

Ozel imc hastanesi (Private)
Address:İstiklal Cad. (106. Cad.) No: 196-198 Mersin
Tel: 324 238 00 95
Fax: 324 238 00 99


Kilis devlet hastanesi (State)
Address: Aşıt Mah. Hastane Sok. No: 31 Merkez Kilis
Tel: 348 822 10 10
Fax: 348 813 34 13


Harran universitesi tip fakultesi hastanesi (State)
Address: Harran/Sanlifura
Tel: 414 318 30 00
Fax: 414 312 97 85


Sirnak yeni devlet hastanesi (State)
Address: Yeni Mahalle Cizre Caddesi Sirnak 73000
Tel: 486 216 13 61
Fax: 486 216 13 61


Ozel istanbul hastanesi(State)
Address: 2. Cad. Urartu 1. sokak no:23 Van Merkez
Tel: 432 212 15 00
Fax: 432 214 93 93

Van yuksek ihtisas hastanesi (State)
Address: Tatvan Karayolu Üzeri Van Merkez
Tel: 432 312 28 61
Fax: 432 312 28 67

Skiing is a fun sport and enjoyed by many members of our mission, but accidents do happen, so we have designed a guide for you as to what medical facilities are available in each of the more popular skiing resorts around Turkey. This information has been collected from either the management of the main hotels or from the medical centers on site.

Kartalkaya 120 miles northwest of Ankara. There are two mountain top hotels located at 2000 meters

  • Kartal Hotel, Tel: 0374-234-5000, Fax: 0374-234-5004
  • Doruk Kaya Hotel, Tel: 0374-234-5026, Fax: 0374-234-5025

Both hotels claim that they have a doctor available at the hotel. These doctors are general practitioners and are resident over the weekends and called in on the weekdays. Each hotel has a first aid room, and initial examination, evaluation, bleeding control, dressings, simple suturing and splinting are available.

The nearest hospital is 38 km away from the ski resort and travel time is estimated as being approximately one hour, depending on weather conditions. The hotels offer transportation if necessary. There are both government and private hospitals in the town of Bolu.

Snowmobiles can pull a stretcher from the mountain to one of the hotels, where the person is evaluated, necessary first aid is given and then the patient is transported to the hospital if further treatment is necessary. Fellow skiers on the mountain alert the snowmobile, who goes to help the injured person. No x-ray or casting facilities are available near the mountains. A small Jandarma mountain resscue team is being activated in February 1999 and will be based at the Hotels.

Erciyes Mountain (Erciyes Dagi) 210 miles south east of Ankara, near Kayseri. There is one main hotel, located at 2200 meters next to the lift:

  • Dedeman Hotel Tel: 0352-342-2116, Fax: 0352-342-2117

This hotel has a doctor available, who is associated with a first-aid clinic in the area. The hotel has a small first aid room for initial evaluation, simple suturing, control of bleeding, dressings, and splinting. There is no radiology or casting facility on site.

The nearest hospital is 20 km away, and estimated travel time, depending on weather conditions, is 25 minutes. There are two choices of hospital in the town: a teaching hospital and a government hospital.

There are 2 snowmobiles available to pull a stretcher up the mountain, and the hotel would make a vehicle available for transportation to the hospital if necessary. Fellow skiers on the mountain would help to alert the drivers of the snowmobiles.

Uludag 280 miles west of Ankara, close to Bursa. There are numerous hotels located near ski lifts. It is an extremely popular resort, which is very crowded on weekends and local holidays. One of the main hotels was contacted for information.

  • Beceren Hotel Tel: 0224-285-2111.

This region has the best on-site medical facilities of all the resorts in Turkey.

There is a 3-story clinic on site. Orthopedists, and internists are available 24 hours a day. A pediatrician is also available during the high season and local school holidays. There is one nurse and one other staff member employed at this clinic, both of whom are a associated with Uludag University Hospital in Bursa. An ambulance with a nurse and doctor could be made available if necessary for transportation to the town. This clinic has a small radiology department with x-ray equipment suitable for evaluation of injuries to the head, arms or legs; further investigations would be referred to the hospital. The two ambulances belong to the government hospital.

Sabanci Poliklinigi, Tel. 0224-285-2166 Contact person is Mr. Mustafa Karaca. He does not speak English, but the doctors have limited knowledge. Hotel staff are available for translation problems

There are 5 snowmobiles, patrolling the mountains for any problems or accidents so any injured person can be transported down the mountain on a stretcher. The local Gendarmerie (Jardarma) are also available to assist with retrieving an injured person from the mountains; they work together with the drivers of the snowmobile to help people. A spokesman from the clinic suggested that retrieval time off the mountain could be up to 15 minutes to get to the clinic, and another hour to get to the hospital at Bursa. Usually, the patient is first evaluated at the clinic, then referred to the hospital if necessary. There are no in-patient facilities at the clinic.

Palandoken Mountains In Erzurum, 570 miles east of Ankara. There is one main hotel at this resort, located at 2400 meters:

  • Dedeman Hotel Tel: 0442-316-2414

This hotel has a doctor available 24 hours a day. Who specializes in internal medicine. There is a small first aid room at the hotel for initial evaluation, control of bleeding, dressings, simple suturing, and application of splints. There are no casting or radiology facilities on site. The nearest hospitals are only 4 km away from the mountain, and estimated travel time is 10 minutes, depending on weather conditions. There are more than five main hospitals to choose from, mainly Government or University Hospitals. The hotel staff can assist with any language difficulties and provide transportation to the hospital.

There are 2 snowmobiles available to pull stretchers off the mountain. Right next to the hotel are the Gendarmerie (Jardarma), who work together with the drivers of the snowmobiles to assist injured skiers. They can also give first-aid if necessary.

Elmadag (Ankara) 10 miles southeast of Ankara.

  • The Whitetail Hotel, tel: 499 2244 is located on the mountain next to the very small ski slope which is suitable only for beginners and children. Ankara also has a skiing club, with a building situated very near to the single ski slope lift.

The Ankara Ski Club was contacted, and they reported that there were no medical facilities on the mountain. Occasionally on the weekends snowmobiles are present to assist retrieve an injured person, but there is no first aid available. If there is an accident, fellow skiers call for help and transportation to a hospital in downtown Ankara is by private vehicle. A telephone is available at the hotel or ski club to call an ambulance.

  • 177 Hizir Ambulance Service: Government owned service; no English spoken.
  • Bayindir Hospital has an ambulance available Tel: 287 9000. A nurse and/or doctor can be requested to accompany the patient. English spoken in the Emergency Room.

It might be advisable to take a small first-aid bag with you, should you plan to stay on the mountain for some time.