Updated Information on Boat Notarials

We cannot notarize any certificates concerning the legitimacy of the following documents or any other vessel-related document unless the vessel owner or agent provides correspondence from the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance (CG-CVC) stating that notarizing such a certification of the document is appropriate:

–  Certificate of Documentation (USCG)
–  Certificate of Inspection (USCG)
–  Minimum Safe Manning Documents (USCG)
–  SOLAS Safety Construction Certificate (USCG or ACS)
–  SOLAS Safety Equipment Certificate and Form E (USCG or ACS)
–  SOLAS Safety Radio Certificate and Form R (FCC or ACS)
–  International Load Line Certificate (USCG or ACS)
–  International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate and Form A/B (USCG or ACS)
–  International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (USCG or ACS)
–  International Energy Efficiency Certificate (USCG or ACS)
–  International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate (USCG or ACS)
–  International Safety Management Certificate (USCG or ACS)
–  ISM Document of Compliance (USCG or ACS)
–  Document of Compliance for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods (USCG or ACS)
–  Continuous Synopsis Record (USCG)
–  International Tonnage Certificate (USCG or ACS)
–  International Ship Security Certificate (USCG or ACS)
–  Certificate of Fitness (USCG or ACS)
–  Any type of exemption from an international requirement or convention
–  Single Voyage Permit or Permit to Proceed

Vessels are entitled to fly the flag of the United States either via a federal Certificate of Documentation (COD) issued by U.S. Coast Guard’s National Vessel Documentation Center or a “certificate of  number” issued by an individual state.  In addition to a COD, vessels may be issued other certificates based on their route and service.  The following certificates may only be issued by an appropriate federal agency or an Authorized Classification Society (ACS) on behalf of the United States:

While an individual state of the United States may issue a “certificate of number” to an appropriate vessel, in no such case may a state issue or endorse any of the documents and certificates listed above.  None of the documents listed above should bear the signature of a vessel’s owner or operator.

Vessel owners and agents may contact CG-CVC by email at CG-CVC-1@uscg.mil.