USAID’s Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad Announces Awards

Istanbul, Turkey – The U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) announced three new grants to Turkish institutions to support construction projects and the purchase of equipment. The projects, located throughout Turkey, are funded through a competitive annual grant and directly support schools, libraries and medical centers outside the United States that share universal values, such as empowering women and inclusive societies, as well as promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, while advancing best practices in healthcare and education. Throughout its history, ASHA’s impact has covered the globe, working in nearly 80 countries with more than 270 institutions.

“We are very pleased to expand the network of ASHA partners,” said Director Katherine Crawford. “These partnerships increase access to high-quality education and healthcare abroad, which ultimately strengthens a country’s workforce, lifts populations out of extreme poverty and creates resilient societies.”

Since 1957, the USAID ASHA program has invested $44 million towards schools and hospitals in Turkey. The new awards this year are for $823,000 in total and will support the Robert College and Üsküdar American Academy in Istanbul, and the SEV American Hospital in Gaziantep. These institutions train future leaders in a wide variety of disciplines, promote advances in research and innovation, foster medical and academic professionalism, and build bridges between citizens of the United States and other countries.

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