After the Interview

  • If your visa is approved: Your passport and visa packet will be sent to the PTT office of your choice for you to pick up in person.
  • If you have a missing item or need administrative processing: All  immigrant visa applicants (including ‘K’ visa applicants) may require administrative processing. While most administrative procedures occur prior to the final immigrant visa interview, in some instances additional processing may be required after the interview. They cannot be expedited and we do not have any control over them. Applicants should plan their schedules accordingly.  You can check the status of your visa application on our website.
  • If your file is missing a document, you can send it with your passport when you obtain it. If your case also needed administrative processing, check the status of your visa application before sending your missing documents. Please visit or call 0850 390-2884 from Turkey or (703) 520-2490  from the United States to arrange for sending your packet. Upon receipt of your passport and/or documents, we will review your file again and if everything is in order, we will send your passport and visa packet to the PTT office of your choice. If your file is still missing documents, then we will send your passport with a written explanation about the missing items.