How to Apply

  1. Submit an entry. Eligible individuals may submit an entry at during the specified registration period in October/November of each year.
  1. Check your DV application status.In early May, entrants may check their DV application status and see if they were selected using the Entry Status Check at Entrants must have their confirmation number to access information through Entry Status Check. This is the ONLY website where Diversity Visa entrants are notified of their selection, provided instructions on how to proceed with their application, and notified of their immigrant visa interview appointment date and time. Please be aware, the U.S. Department of State is unable to provide results to DV entrants or provide your confirmation number.
  1. Receive notice of your visa interview appointment.The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) will inform DV selectees of their scheduled interview via email with instructions on what to do next.  Please click here for additional information on the notification and scheduling process.