The Interview

  1. The Interview
  2. After the Interview
  • Upon receiving your approved petition, the U.S. Embassy Consular Section will send you a notification email indicating the required documents, interview date and time.
  • Medical Report: Before their final immigrant visa interview, all applicants are required to undergo a medical examination performed by one of the medical doctors authorized by this Embassy.  Beneficiaries are responsible for making their own arrangements for the medical examination with any of the physicians listed on the medical information sheet. The beneficiary is also responsible for the cost of the examination. A medical examination is also required for each accompanying child. Do not send the results of your medical examination to this office before your interview. You will be required to submit your medical report to this office at the time of your interview. Do not bring x-ray film to the Embassy.
  • Passport: Passport(s) must be valid for six months beyond the intended date of entry into the U.S. for you and each family member applying for a visa.
  • CSC Receipt: Before their interviews, all V92 visa applicants need to visit to select a passport pickup location. If and when your visa is issued, your passport and visa packet will be delivered to a branch of Turkish Postal Service (PTT) branch in Turkey for you to pick up in person. On your interview date, please bring the receipt showing the PTT branch of your choice.
  • Required Documents: Each applicant will need to submit the documents mentioned in the instructions they will receive on their interview dates.