Interview Guideline

Please refer to the pre-interview checklist to identify the documents that you must upload to your online application and/or bring with you to the interview. To avoid delays, please carefully read the interview guideline for your immigrant visa category and follow all instructions.

The National Visa Center attempts to collect documents for all files assigned to Ankara. Some files take an extended amount of time, and some documents can expire before your visa interview. In that case, you must bring (and for electronic PIVOT cases upload) updated documents to your interview.

You must bring the originals of all required documents to your interview. Please review this checklist. You must print and bring this checklist and the listed document to the interview.

Accompanying individuals

The following individuals may accompany a visa applicant to their interview:

  • Special Needs Visitors: Applicants may bring ONE person to help if they are elderly, disabled, or a minor child.
  • Interpreters/Translators:  Interviews are conducted in English, Turkish and Farsi.  If you need your interview in another language. Please click here for further instructions. You may bring a sworn translator who is certified by a Turkish Notary Public. The translator needs to speak English and/or Turkish and your native language. Please provide your interpreter’s full name, date of birth, copy of his/her ID card/passport bio page and copy of his/her translator certification by sending an email to us 48 hours before your interview. Please make sure that your interpreter brings his/her original documents. Petitioners or family members (not applying to an immigrant visa with you), are not allowed to provide translation.
  • Attorneys and petitioners are not permitted to accompany clients into the waiting room or to their interview without prior approval from the consular section.