STEP 3: Interview day

IMPORTANT: Please review the pre-interview checklist and make sure you collect, upload (if PIVOT – electronic) and bring the required documents. 

Please read this carefully and be prepared before you come for your interview. Being unprepared may cause delays in your visa processing.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Please review the U.S. Mission Access Policy before coming to the Embassy. Please do not bring any prohibited item with you.
  • Once you arrive waiting area in the Consular Section, you will receive a ticket number. This ticket number is used for calling you to collect documents, payment and visa interview. Please watch your ticket number on the monitors.

Document Collection

Before your interview a visa assistant will call you to collect your documents.

  • Please prepare the documents listed here before you arrive in the Embassy.
  • Please put your documents in order. Provide all the required documents to the visa assistant at once.
  • Translations of the documents: Any documents that are not in English and/or Turkish must be submitted by with an original and certified English translation. However, all court documents, including Turkish (except for divorce decree) must be accompanied by a certified English translation.
  • If your case is electronic (PIVOT/MIV), you must UPLOAD/SCAN all the required documents to your account prior to your interview on If you need guidance on uploading/scanning your documents, instructions can be found at: For more information please also see Uploading and Scanning Tips.

Civil Documents: Please visit the Reciprocity and Civil Documents by Country to learn more on the civil documents for each country. Each reciprocity page will provide detailed information obtaining them these documents from the country you selected.

Interpreters/Translators:  Interviews are conducted in English, Turkish and Farsi.  If you need your interview in another language. Please click here for further instructions. You may bring a sworn translator who is certified by a Turkish Notary Public. The translator needs to speak English and/or Turkish and your native language. Please provide your interpreter’s full name, date of birth, copy of his/her ID card/passport bio page and copy of his/her translator certification by sending an email to us 48 hours before your interview. Please make sure that your interpreter brings his/her original documents. Petitioners or family members (not applying to an immigrant visa with you), are not allowed to provide translation.

Visa Fees: If you have not paid all required fees to either the National Visa Center or via the appointment website, please be prepared to pay these fees on the day of your interview. All fees may be paid either in U.S. dollars or Turkish Lira via cash or credit card. Please bring exact change for each applicant. This fee is non-refundable, whether a visa is issued or not.

Please note that if you are found ineligible to receive a visa, the application fee cannot be refunded. You can find a complete list of fees at Fees for Visa Services.