Medical Requirements

All immigrant visa applicants, regardless of age, are required to undergo a medical examination by one of the medical doctors or clinics on the following list. Only a physician accredited by the U.S. Embassy can perform this exam. Medical examination results from other physicians are not accepted.

It is your responsibility to schedule a medical exam with one of the doctors listed below before your visa interview appointment at the U.S. Embassy. Make sure that your medical examination is completed BEFORE YOUR INTERVIEW APPOINTMENT DATE and bring the results of the examination on your interview appointment date. Failure to do so may result in processing delays or rescheduling of initial appointment.

Physicians Contact Information Working Hours
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ungan

Uzm. Dr. Handan Ungan

Atatürk Bulvarı 237, Ankara

4th Floor, Number 44 and 45



Phone: +90 850 532 84 72

Fax: +90 850 532 62 27


Monday to Friday: 09:00-19:00

Saturday: 9:00-13:00

Sunday: Closed

For an appointment, please visit:

Items To Bring To Your Medical Examination:

The doctor will need the following items to complete the medical exam forms:

  • Your visa interview appointment letter,
  • Your passport,
  • Your DS-260 confirmation page,
  • If any, a copy of your immunization records (medical records from Iran will not be accepted, documents prepared in the last 30 days, or unreliable records will not be accepted),
  • If you suffer from a chronic illness, have been treated for any disease, ever had any important operation, or are under psychiatric care, doctors recommend you to present your medical file during examination,
  • If you are using medicine, bring their names or the boxes of your medicine,
  • If you are using glasses, bring your glasses with you,
  • Women who are pregnant (or planning to become pregnant) are required to have a Chest X-Ray to immigrate. Please be aware that if you do not prefer to have a Chest X-Ray your medical report will not be completed until the end of your pregnancy. Please consult your obstetrician, own physicians regarding your health concerns on this subject and go to the panel physician’s office with your final decision with a written document by your doctor.

Medical Examination and Vaccination Fees:

Visa applicants must directly pay the examining physician’s office for the medical examination and other required tests. The standard fee is $270, which includes a blood test, urine test, chest x-ray and the physical examination. If further testing is needed ­–   such as sputum smears or tests for tuberculosis (TB), drug screening or pregnancy — additional fees may apply. Vaccination fee varies from $20 to $200 depending on the applicant’s age and the vaccines required.

Note: Fees are for the medical services performed and are not refundable, regardless of whether you are ultimately approved for a visa.

During The Medical Exam:

The medical examination will include a medical history review, physical examination, and (for applicants 15 years of age or older) chest x-ray, blood test and urine test.  Please be prepared to discuss your medical history, medications you are taking, and current treatments you are undergoing. More information on general medical requirements for U.S. immigrants is available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

Vaccination Requirements:

United States Immigration Law requires immigrant visa applicants to obtain certain vaccinations prior to the issuance of an immigrant visa. Instructions and procedural guides direct panel physicians who conduct immigrant visa medical examinations to verify that applicants have met the vaccination requirement, or that it is medically inappropriate for the visa applicant to receive. Current immigrant vaccination requirements are available on the CDC website. You can also read Frequently Asked Questions about medical examination requirements online.

In order to assist the panel physician, and to avoid delays in the processing of your visa, all immigrant visa applicants should have their vaccination records available for the panel physician’s review at the time of the medical examination.  Visa applicants should consult with their regular health care provider to obtain a copy of their immunization record, if available. If you do not have a vaccination record, the panel physician will work with you to determine which vaccinations you may need to meet the requirement.  Certain waivers of the vaccination requirement are available upon the recommendation of the panel physician. Only the panel physician can determine which of the listed vaccinations are medically appropriate for you, given your age, medical history and current medical condition.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Immunization records as well as any other test results from Iran will not be accepted.

After The Medical Exam:

When your examination is completed, the doctor will either send your exam results electronically to the Embassy or provide you with exam results in a sealed envelope, depending on your case category. DO NOT OPEN THIS ENVELOPE. Instead, bring it to your visa interview.

If your case is not electronic, Any x-rays taken will be given to you on a CD. You DO NOT need to bring the CD to your visa interview. However, you must carry the x-rays with you when you travel to the United States for the first time. However, if your case was submitted electronically you will not be given a CD, your chest x-ray images will be electronically transferred.

The panel site will email a copy of the U.S. Department of State vaccination documentation worksheet that is filled in by the doctor. Please DO NOT lose your copy for your vaccination documentation sheet, and keep it to yourself, make several copies because it will be asked by many authorities after arrival. The panel site will not be able to provide it again if you ask it later.

The medical report must be less than 6 (six) months old when you enter the United States as an immigrant. The validity of your visa will be limited with the validity of your medical report. Medical reports classified as “Class B1 (TB)” are valid for 3 months from the date the last sputum sample is reported and signed by the doctor. All other medical reports classified as “No apparent disease or defect” are valid for 6 months after the doctor’s signature date. Expiration date of your medical examination will be included in the vaccination documentation email. If your case is subject to further administrative processing, or if the processing of your file is delayed due to missing documents, the medical report may expire before your visa is issued. In that case, you would be required to renew all components of the examination and submit a new medical report to our office before you receive your visa.